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Avonworth Parking Registration

Prior to receiving a parking pass for Avonworth High School, student drivers should complete the parking registration form. In addition, student drivers and their parent/guardian my sign the registration form to indicate they understand the parking regulations listed below. 

Student Parking Registration Form

Student Parking Regulations

Only one parking permit will be issued per student and may be used for all vehicles registered by the student. The parking permit must be displayed in the vehicle brought to school.

Each student will be assigned a parking spot # upon purchase. Permits will be issued to licensed drivers only. 

Parking is permitted only in the designated areas for students.

Vehicles parked in the parking lots (or anywhere on school property) without a permit during the school day may be subject to being towed at the owner’s expense.

Parking permits are not transferable and are registered to one driver only. Allowing others to use your pass without administrative approval is reason to revoke parking privileges.

Students driving or riding to school are not permitted to loiter in or around the parking lot before, during, or after school. This is for the safety of all students and drivers.

Students parked in the designated areas are not permitted to go to or move their vehicle during school hours without administrative approval.
Students who drive to school may enter the building through the main high school entrance only. Students may NOT enter or exit through the middle school office or cafeteria during the school day.

Excessive disciplinary actions may result in the suspension of parking privileges.

Excessive tardiness to school may result in suspension of parking privileges.

Throwing of any object (including snowballs) is reason to revoke parking or riding privileges.

Enforcement of the Avonworth School District policy regarding tobacco/drug possession and use will be enforced.

All rules of the Pennsylvania vehicular code will be enforced while cars are on school property.

Lost passes will not be replaced. A new pass must be purchased at an additional cost of $10.00.

School officials may search a student vehicle on school property if they have a reason related to the health, safety, and or welfare of students or staff, and to enforce school board policies and procedures. A student has the option to be present if his or her vehicle is searched.

Student drivers are responsible for all items in the vehicles they drive to and park on school property. Vehicles are subject to search by police canine units under the authority/supervision of school administration.

Driving to school is a privilege that may be revoked for non-compliance to these parking regulations. All parking
regulations are designed to ensure the security and safety of our students.

The Avonworth School District and the local police are always concerned about student safety. There are more than 120 student drivers at Avonworth High School and many of them transport passengers (siblings, friends, neighbors) to and from school. Unfortunately, some
parents are not always aware that their son or daughter gives rides to other students. We hope that you will discuss your family’s rules and specify who and how many students may be in your young driver’s car.

The Avonworth School District is not responsible for damage or vandalism that occurs to any vehicles parked on school property.